We are pleased to announce that we have been working on a new payment method over the last six months for all our customers at Springwood Complete Automotive Services.  As well as having credit card, eftpos payments available with no surcharge we now offer AfterPay.

 Afterpay is now an option we can now offer for all your work including all auto electrical, mechanical repairs, including tyres and all brake repairs and services.

 So how does Afterpay work for you. Setting up your Afterpay account is as easy as downloading the app or jumping online before you arrive at Springwood Complete Automotive Services and setting up your AfterPay account.  

Afterpay can process invoices valued between $35.00 and $1200.00. Although we can process up to $1200.00 the payment limit will depend on your AfterPay account credit limit and the balance you have on your account.

After we have quoted and have your job approved by you, as part of our process here at Springwood Complete, you will receive an SMS from Afterpay with a link to process your payment.

Your payments are automatically deducted over 4 fortnightly payments.

Here at Springwood Complete Automotive Services we understand the day to day costs of living can sometimes be hard to manage. We also understand that maintaining a modern motor vehicle and keeping it safe for the family can be costly, so we are always committed to working with you to manage the ongoing vehicle costs.