Brisbane mechanical repairs

We strive to provide outstanding service to the Brisbane mechanical repair and auto electrical repair field. Clear communication and a highly reasonable pricing for all work, automotive services and auto electrical repairs shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. So we work hard to keep the cost low.  Just call and speak to any one of our trained staff today and discover the Springwood Complete Automotive Services experience difference.

At Springwood Complete Automotive Service, we can carry out Log book servicing as well as all mechanical repairs to your car.  Using both genuine and aftermarket parts alternatives when carrying our servicing and repairs to your car to ensure the best quality and price.  From Bendix brake parts, to Bosch batteries.  You can be assured that the highest quality workmanship has been carried out.  Allowing you to have the peace of mind to get on your day.

Our service to you is personal to ensure you are getting the correct level of work performed to fit your budget and your needs. We encourage owners of new cars with a factory warranty to service their vehicles with us because we will ensure that any faults covered under your warranty will be reported to you; and in turn you may have the problem rectified by the dealer under warranty.

We promise to keep you informed throughout the day as we repair your car. One of our trained staff  will contact you before we commence repair work that was not discussed upon drop off, and then ring you to let you know any further information we may discover and ‘run it by you’ before we continue working any further.

The workshop is equipped with specialized tools and a comprehensive library of mechanical repair manuals suited to both Auto Electrical and Mechanical Repair. Maintaining technical equipment, computers for diagnostics, Air conditioning service & repairs, and up to date ECU scanning and code reading equipment.

All to guarantee a comprehensive one-stop Mechanical Repair service centre for your car, delivering quality Mechanical Repairs at a competitive price.