Affordable Alcohol Ignition Interlocks

Guardian Interlock Programme

How to participate in the Affordable Interlock Performance-based program

The first step after the completion of you suspension period you will be required to contact Affordable interlocks and arrange to complete the easy online forms and training and book an install with us, this will all be arranged by Affordable Interlocks Systems and all payments will be made directly to them.

After completing the online component, you simple arrive at Springwood Complete Automotive Services at 33 Watland Street Springwood at the per arranged time and the highly trained team will install the Affordable interlock unit in your car. The only thing left is to pick up your car and hit the road again.

To book your installation today Click Affordable Interlock Systems or call 1800252656.

Interlock service appointments

Queensland Transport can check you are following the performance-based program rules You must get your interlock serviced so you are complying.

You must take your vehicle to have the Affordable Interlock system serviced:

  • 1 month after the interlock is installed
  • then every 3 months during the program
  • at the end of the program. 

You may choose to have your interlock serviced more frequently. The interlock will remind you when the service is due. If you miss an interlock service, you will receive a permanent lockout. If this occurs during your 4-month performance period, the performance period will be restarted and your time in the interlock program will be extended.

Basic requirement to participate in the Affordable Interlock Performance-based program

Under the performance-based program you have 2 parts to complete:

  • Learning period – the first 8 months of the program
  • Performance period – last 4 months of the program

To participate in the program, you must:

  • hold a current licence with an interlock condition (your licence must not be expired, cancelled or suspended)
  • only drive a nominated vehicle with an interlock installed
  • have a ‘no alcohol’ limit when driving
  • attend all interlock service appointments
  • not attempt to tamper with or bypass the interlock.

During your performance period your use of the Affordable interlock system will be monitored. If your interlock detects alcohol, or you have a permanent lockout due to a missed scheduled interlock service, your:

  • Affordable Interlock Systems will provide Queensland transport with your monitored data automatically.
  • 4-month performance period will restart (every time)
  • time in the interlock program will be extended.

Completing the performance-based interlock program

Before you can complete the Affordable Interlock Systems program you must:

  • participate for a minimum of 12 months
  • have your interlock data verified by Queensland Transport.
  • complete the repeat drink driving course (if required).

Verifying your interlock data

Affordable Interlock Systems will need send us your data to Queensland Transport. Queensland Transport will send you a notice letting you know when it’s time to request this. Affordable Interlock Systems will send it after request, which may take a few days.

Once Queensland Transport checked your interlock data, we will send you a notice to let you know:

  • you have successfully completed the Affordable interlock system program


  • your performance period has been restarted.

Removing an interlock device

Before you remove the interlock from your vehicle, you should wait until you have received a program completion notice. If you choose to remove the interlock before receiving the notice and you haven’t completed the program, you will need to pay to reinstall it.