Second Battery – Duel Charge Systems

Operate electrical appliances in your car without compromising the starting battery.

A Duel Charge System or Second Battery System is used to operate electrical appliances while you are away from mains 240v power, eliminating the risk of compromising your vehicle’s starting battery. In the past this was only used for a bit of lighting and maybe a radio, but these days we demand much more, wanting to run things like lights, TV’s, DVD’s, pumps, fridges, and charge laptops, camera batteries and mobile phones. Even microwaves and a growing trend with some people needing a sleep apnoea machine.

The demands on the modern duel charge system have increased to the point that we need much more power than the charging system of the car will allow. Car manufactures with new motion laws are targeting the output of the alternator as a possible reduction point. This means the alternator can no longer supply the extra charging required to charge a duel charge system.

So many of the traditional ways used to charge the Duel Charge System/ Second Battery System  are now obsolete. Many never did the job correctly in the first place and this impacted on battery life and energy output.

In the past we would have would start with the Duel Charge System or Second Battery System. Now in many cases we start with the vehicle. Looking at the charging system or Battery Management System it is fitted with by its manufacturer, and the available locations of the duel battery.

The Second Battery System must be the most efficient way of charging this battery using the cars alternator, and importantly its impact on your starting battery so that it is not compromised.  To do this we use a range of products from DC to DC chargers (in-vehicle battery chargers), and Smart battery isolator all falling under the Second Battery System banner.

No Longer A One Size Fits All World

What may have worked  in an old Toyota Hilux will not  work in your new tow car, for example a Ford Ranger, BT50 and many others. Van and camper manufactures also place demands on the type of Second Battery System used.…

“Due to vehicle manufacturers starving for better fuel economy figures and increased engine performance, a number of late model vehicles on the market now have ECU controlled variable voltage alternators.  These systems vary the alternator regulated voltage based on driving conditions which are determined by both engine and electrical load.”

REDARC Electronics (Australia)

As a supplier of REDARC electronics, the expert team at Springwood Complete Automotive Services is fully trained on the latest and best forms of  Second Battery Systems and can assist you to select one to suit your vehicle and application. We will guide you through the selection process and have you ready for your adventure of a lifetime or just the weekend away with the kids.

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