Car Air Conditioning Regas, Repair and Replacement

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Car air conditioning systems work to keep the whole family cool in the heat of summer, but did you know that the A/C should be used in the winter as well?

It’s true that the biggest usage of the air conditioning system is in the hot summer months. The cold air works to cool the cabin of the car, keeping the family in good spirits. The driver and passengers enjoy a safe, comfortable and happy ride, regardless of how high temperatures climb outside.

Once the weather turns a bit colder however, many people stop using the air conditioning system. During the winter months while the system is unused the many hoses and seals that make the air conditioner work may dry out and crack without you realising it. This can lead to expensive and time consuming repairs when the weather turns warm again.

Instead of turning the air conditioner off during the cold of winter, you should use it in conjunction with the heater to remove the humidity from the cabin. This will keep your windscreen and windows fog free and increase your visibility on the road.

Running the air conditioning system all year round will also help you stay aware of the condition of the system. You will know immediately if there is a problem, which will save you time and costly repairs later.

Warning Signs that it is Time to Regas or Repair Your Car Air Conditioning

  • The air conditioner does not blow cold air.
  • There is a strange or bad smell coming from the air conditioner.
  • The air blows, but does not clear a foggy windscreen.
  • Unusual noises are heard under the bonnet when the air conditioner is turned on.
  • Mist enters the cabin through the air conditioning vents.

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