Car Repairs

Keeping your car in tip top shape is a priority!

Without your car, life becomes more challenging.  With your car out of action, imagine getting the kids to school and yourself to work on time.  Let’s face it, cars are quite important in our daily lives.

That is why when you first start noticing problems with your car, give the Springwood Complete Automotive Services team a call on 3209 1333 to diagnose and rectify issues before they become bigger and more costly.

Springwood Complete Automotive Services offers a range of car repair and auto electrical repair services to solve a variety of problems such as:

Choose A Car Repair Service

Auto Electrical Faults and Wiring ProblemsClutch and Automatic FaultsEngine Problems and Common RepairsOverheating and Leaking CoolantSquealing or Faulty BrakesSteering and Suspension Faults
  1. Power Window Repair and Replacement
    – for power windows that become stuck – either up or down.
  2. Windscreen Replacement and Window Repairs
    – for windscreen and windows that are chipped or broken.
  3. Trailer Brakes Installation, Wiring and Repair
    – for faulty trailer brakes.
  4. Air Conditioning Regas, Repairs and Replacement
    – for car air conditioners that are not blowing cold and ensuring they do not dry out or crack, car heaters that have leaky valves or blockages, or requiring a re-gas according to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.
  5. Alternator Repairs and Replacement
    – for cars that experience flat batteries, it won’t start, battery warning lights come on, alternator does not charge.
  6. Starter Motor Repairs and Replacement
    – for cars that won’t start and engine won’t turn over.
  1. Auto Transmission Service
    – for leaking fluid, the car refusing to go into next gear or the check engine light comes on.
  2. Clutch Fluid Flush, Repairs and Replacement
    – the clutch slips or won’t release properly.
  1. CV Joint Repair and Replacement
  2. Engine Oil Change
  3. Engine Tune Up
  4. Exhaust System and Mufflers Repairs and Replacement
  5. Timing Belt Repair and Replacement
    1. Cooling System and Radiator Repairs and Replacement
      – for cars that are overheating or a pool of green or brown cooling fluid appears under the car.


  1. Brake Repairs and Replacement
    – you may be experiencing a squealing brake, the car pulling to one side or the brake warning light coming on.
  1. Power Steering Repairs, Rebuilds and Replacement
  2. Suspension and Shock Absorbers Repair and Replacement
  3. Wheel Alignment and Balance

Call us today on 07 3209 1333 to get a diagnosis for your car problem.