Car Brake Repairs and Replacement

Every car on the road depends on having safe, reliable brakes that are in good repair. Brakes are an essential part of car safety since they control the car’s ability to slow down and stop. The brakes also assist with handling through the vehicle’s traction control system. Cars with unreliable brakes should not be driven, they cannot be trusted to slow or stop properly, endangering the safety of everyone in or around the car.

Many of the components in the braking system such as brake pads, shoes, rotors and drums are subject to wear over time due to the heat and friction caused by normal driving. Other parts such as wheel cylinders, hoses and callipers are more reliable, but still need to be checked and repaired as needed.

Car brakes should be inspected as part of the regular service, in order to catch potential problems and wear issues early. Replacing brake pads and machining of rotors at the correct time will reduce overall repair costs, saving you money. Brakes should also be checked immediately if you notice any strange sounds or problems while braking.

Warning Signs that it is Time for Brake Repairs or Replacement

  • The anti-lock braking system (ABS) warning light comes on.
  • When using brakes, they feel soft, too hard, or spongy.
  • There is a grinding or squealing noise when braking.
  • The car pulls to the side when brakes are applied.
  • The vehicle takes a long time to stop.
  • The steering wheel vibrates when braking.
  • Excessive dust build up is visible on and around wheels.

If any of these warning signs are present, it is important to have the brakes serviced immediately. The car should not be driven if you suspect that it needs brake repairs, problems with brakes can escalate quickly and put everyone in the car in danger. Instead, call Springwood Complete Automotive Services on 07 3209 1333, or call and we can arrange to have the car towed into our service centre.

Once the car is on site, one of our qualified mechanics will inspect the entire braking system to diagnose any problems, providing a quote for repairs. All brake replacements and repairs are performed using only high quality, reliable parts. We provide a fast turnaround to get you back on the road quickly and safely.