Car Starter Motor Repair and Replacement

Starter motors come in many shapes and sizes, but every car is equipped with one. This special motor provides the rotation required to start the engine.

When cars were first invented, they came with a hand crank that was used to manually turn the engine. People essentially had to ‘wind up’ their cars to get the engine turning before they could drive anywhere. Modern cars still need the same amount of help to start, but luckily now we have the convenience of a starter motor to do the hard work.

Problems in starter motors usually escalate quickly and lead to complete failure, leaving you stranded wherever you are. This can be caused be a range of problems with the starting circuit. It contains many components from the starter motor to, in some cases, the Engine’s ECU or Security system. In order to avoid inconveniences and extra costs, you should get the starter motor checked immediately if you notice any starting problems, unusual sounds, or even just slow cranking and starting.

Signs That It May Be Time To Repair or Replace the Starter Motor

  • The engine isn’t turning at all.
  • The engine is turning slowly, or with seemingly great effort.
  • The engine does not start but clicking noise can be heard.
  • The Starter Motor makes a chattering noise.
  • Smoke comes from under the bonnet when the key is turned.

If you notice any of these problems, or if your car will not start at all, call Springwood Complete Automotive Services on 07 3209 1333, or call and we can arrange to have the car towed into the service centre.

There are several auto problems that can have some of the same signs as a faulty starter motor, and our auto electricians have years of experience in diagnosing and repairing all of them. Once your car is in our workshop we will use specialised testing equipment to test the starter motor and other related components in order to find the exact problem and decide on the best option.