Car Windscreen Replacement and Window Repairs

Chips and cracks in the windows and windscreen of your car may be a bigger problem than you think. The glass in your car has been specially designed to provide both visibility and structure to the vehicle. Small chips and cracks may disrupt these functions, leading to dangerous situations. Following are just a few of the reasons you should get your windows and windscreen repaired as soon as you notice a problem.

Visibility – Even small cracks or chips can cause a blind spot in your visibility while driving. This could lead to accidents, poor judgment and dangerous situations on the road. Chips and cracks to your windscreen can also mean your vehicle is un-roadworthy, and you can be held responsible in the case of an accident by the police and your insurance company.

Car Stability and Integrity – In the event of an accident, the windscreen is designed to help stabilise and support the rest of the vehicle. If the windscreen is cracked or broken it will not be able to absorb the impact as it should, which could cause the roof to cave in if the car rolls over.

Increased Danger of Flying Glass – Most cars are made with safety glass that is designed to hold together when broken instead of shattering and flying into the car. When a crack or chip in the windscreen is left to weather, the special properties of the safety glass are weakened. This could lead to the windscreen shattering on impact, or even just from the pressure of the wind while driving. If this happens, both the driver and passengers are in danger of serious injury or death.

Air Bag Failure – In many cars, the windscreen and windows act as a sort of guide or support for the air bag. If the windscreen is broken or damaged the airbag may not deploy correctly.

Often, if a chip is noticed early on it can be repaired before it begins to crack, eliminating the need to replace the entire windscreen. If you notice a small chip or a developing crack it is best to get it repaired or replaced immediately. Windscreens and windows are also checked as part of regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure that no chips go unnoticed.

Springwood Complete Automotive Services supplies and fits a large range of windscreens and windows to suit most makes and models of car. Bring your car into our service centre or call us on 1300 461 017 to arrange windscreen replacement or window repairs for your car.