CV Joints and Shaft Repair and Replacement

CV joints are a group of bearings located near the wheels of the car. The bearings are packed tightly in grease, and protected by a sealed casing called the CV boot. When the vehicle is running, the engine turns the shaft, and the shaft uses the CV joints to turn the wheels. If the CV joints, boots or shafts are not in good repair it can cause a rough ride, unnerving noises, and ultimately, a loss of drive power and control.

Most problems with CV joints begin with a small hole or tear in the boot. This opening allows dirt, grime and water to enter the casing and mix into the grease surrounding the bearings. Along with decreasing the lubrication of the grease, all those small particles work like sandpaper, stripping and damaging the CV joints with every trip the car makes.

To protect against additional wear and tear, and the increased repair costs that would occur, CV joints should be carefully inspected each time the vehicle is brought in for service. The mechanic will check for holes and tears in the CV boots since they are an early indication of a problem. If any openings are found, the mechanic will recommend replacing the boot right away to avoid having to replace the boot and CV joint later. He will also inspect the joints and shaft to ensure that damage has not already been done to either one.

Vehicles that do not receive regular servicing should be occasionally checked for issues in or around the CV joints since catching these problems early will greatly reduce the amount of work needed to fix the issue, as well of the cost of the repairs. Bring your vehicle in for inspection and servicing if you notice any of the following warning signs.

Warning Signs that there are Problems with the CV Joints or Shaft

  • There is an audible noise when turning.
  • There is a clicking or knocking under the load.
  • There is a grinding noise from the wheel area.
  • There is a noticeable loss of drive to the wheels.
  • The vehicle vibrates or shakes while driving.

If you notice any of the above issues, or have any other reason to suspect problems with your CV joints or drive shaft, bring your vehicle into the auto centre, or call Springwood Complete Automotive Services on 07 3209 1333 to arrange for services.

Once the vehicle is in our workshop, our highly experienced mechanics will thoroughly inspect the CV joints, boots and shaft to find any issues. If caught early, CV joint replacement is a straight forward job that can, in most cases, be completed in a single day.