Exhaust Systems and Mufflers Repair and Replacement

The exhaust system in your vehicle does many complicated jobs. A healthy exhaust system, and muffler in good repair, will help to keep your vehicle running smooth, quiet and clean.

When the engine is running, exhaust gases collect in the exhaust manifolds. These gases often contain toxic elements that are unsafe to breathe or add to the outside air. As the gases move through the exhaust system, they are analysed by oxygen sensors, cleaned and refined by the catalytic converter, and then expelled from the back of the vehicle, where the muffler is responsible for making the whole process as quiet as possible.

There are many parts in the exhaust system that need to work together, and failure by any one of the components can create a risk to every other part in the system. For this reason, it is a good idea to have the muffler and exhaust system inspected regularly in order to catch small problems early.

Problems within the exhaust system have the potential to increase engine noise, increase outdoor air pollution and create a hazardous breathing environment for drivers and passengers. If you suspect that your muffler or exhaust system is not operating efficiently, it is important to have the vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic as soon as possible.

Warning Signs that it is Time for Exhaust and Muffler Repair and Replacement

  • Excessive noise from under the vehicle.
  • The engine performs poorly.
  • The engine warning light is on.
  • There is a strong smell of exhaust inside the cabin.

If any of these warning signs are present, it may mean that there is a hole in the muffler, or a problem with the exhaust system.

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 or bring your vehicle into the service centre.

Once the car is on site, one of our experienced mechanics will inspect and test the muffler and exhaust system to check for any problems. Once we have diagnosed a problem we will provide a quote for services as well as repair and replacement options. All of the work performed in our service centre is by skilled and qualified mechanics, using only the best parts and equipment. In many cases we can offer same day repairs so you can get back on the road quickly and safely.