Car Lighting Repairs and Replacement

Driving lights, including headlights, tail lights and indicators, are a vital part of vehicle safety. If these lights are not working as designed it can lead to dangerous accidents on the road and fines from the police, leaving you open to injury, expensive legal action and costly repairs. It is best to replace car light bulbs as soon as necessary, and check the wiring and control relays of driving lights regularly to avoid these more expensive problems.

Car lights should be checked as part of a regular service schedule and repaired as soon as problems occur. The qualified auto electrician at Springwood Complete Automotive Services can carry out a full inspection of the car lights to diagnose and repair these common problems:

Car Light Bulbs

Some of the most common problem with car lights is light bulbs failure due to age or vibration. This is normally a simple problem to repair since car light bulbs can be replaced quickly and at minimal cost.

Headlight Bulbs and Assembly Replacement

Headlights both low and high beam can fail for a variety of reasons. Bulbs can be damaged failing early due to vibration while driving, or there could be problems with the switches, wiring issues or control relays. The headlight assembly and lighting system will be checked and repaired or replaced as needed.

Headlight Lens Restoration and Lamp Replacement

Over time, headlight lenses can yellow or deteriorate in quality, causing the headlights to dim and making it dangerous to drive at night. We can restore the headlight lenses re-storing good lighting or source replacement lights and get you safely back on the road.

Car Tail Lights

Tail lights and number plate lights are one of the most common bulb problems, and can stop working due to bulb failure or problems in the lighting system. We will replace the bulbs and perform a diagnostic check to find any faulty wiring or switches.

Indicator Lights

Indicator lights that flash too fast, too slow, or not at all can lead to bigger problems if not repaired. It is important to repair or replace faulty parts as soon as a problem occurs.

Wiring, Switches and Control Relays

Poor wiring connections, faulty control relays, and switches problems may cause lights to not work as designed from of the time or just stop completely. For example, the headlights may be working fine when you start a trip, but go off after hitting a bump in the road. Our qualified auto electricians will examine the wiring, switches and control relays within the car lighting system to diagnose and repair faulty parts.

If you are experiencing driving lighting problems of any type, give our auto electrician a call at Springwood Complete Automotive Services on 07 3209 1333 to book an inspection. Most repairs on lighting problems can be resolved quickly. So just call and one of our team will discuss the problems and arrange a time to inspect the problem.

Once the car is brought in, we can set a budget for testing and diagnostics. You will only be charged for the time that has been utilized. Once the issue has been diagnosed a quote for the repairs will be provided and we will contact you to work through the issue, so you have a clear understanding of the testing done and the work required. Repairs will only be carried out after you have accepted and approved the quote.