Power Steering Repairs and Replacements

Power steering is a convenient feature that allows the driver to easily steer the car at low speed, making for a safe and enjoyable driving experience. Most modern vehicles are equipped with power steering as a standard feature, be they electrical or mechanical. If your car was made in the last ten years, then it most likely has power steering.

The power steering system uses hydraulic pressure or in some cars electrical motors to assist the driver to steer the car. This is most important at low speeds for parking and driving at low speeds on local streets. In some cars, the power steering will shut off entirely once a certain speed is reached. The pump will start again automatically and take over as the speed of the car decreases, offering a smooth and uninterrupted steering experience.

Power steering systems are normally reliable, and repairs are normally not too costly early on. Repairs can increase in cost if power steering problems are not fixed when they first appear. It is important to know the warning signs of power steering problems in order to avoid sudden failures and extra costs.

Signs that it is Time to Repair or Replace Your Power Steering

  • Steering is heavy (Steering wheel is difficult to turn).
  • Loud or high pitched squealing sounds while turning corners.
  • Fluid leaks around the power steering pump or steering rack.
  • Highway lane changes are rapid.
  • Problems staying in your lane on the highway

If any of these warning signs are present, call the power steering specialists of Springwood Complete Automotive Services on 07 3209 1333 to schedule the necessary inspection and repairs. If the power steering fails completely while you are driving, do not attempt to bring the car into the centre yourself. Instead, carefully and slowly direct the car off of the road and make arrangements to have the car towed.

Once the car is in the centre, our qualified mechanics will use a two step process to diagnose problems within the power steering system. The first part includes a full inspection of the entire power steering system in the workshop. Secondly, the steering capabilities of the car will be road tested at both high and low speeds. Once the problem has been diagnosed, a quote will be provided for the repairs. Most power steering repairs can be finished quickly, resulting in only a single day of down time.