Shock Absorbers and Car Suspension Repair

The car suspension and shock absorbers make it possible to have a smooth, safe and comfortable ride in the car. Though many people believe that the suspension merely cushions the ride, it actually plays one of the most important roles in the whole car.

The most important function of the car suspension and shock absorbers, apart from comfort, is to help the driver stay in control of the car. Without the suspension system, any bumps, turns or braking on the road would cause the tyres to loose contact with the road, resulting in a loss of steering and brake control. A good suspension provides the right amount of support and pressure to each tyre so that they can adjust to uneven surfaces and stay in contact with the road, providing control for the driver and a more comfortable ride for the passengers.

Faults in the suspension will often cause poor braking control, problems turning, and rough, noisy rides. I think we have all seen that car on the highway without one wheel due to a suspension failure. The best way to detect faults in the auto suspension and handling before they become big problems is to have the car serviced regularly. The qualified mechanics at Springwood Complete Automotive Services inspect all shock absorbers and car suspension components, both on the road and in the workshop, as part of the regular service schedule.

Warning Signs that it is Time to Repair or Replace the Suspension in Your Car

  • There are changes in the handling and braking of the car.
  • The car rocks, sways or tilts into turns.
  • The car bounces excessively while driving over bumps and uneven roads.
  • The steering is stiff, or has any vibration.
  • There is visible damage or denting on any part of the car suspension.
  • The tyres are showing signs of uneven wear.
  • The car has problems stopping at speed .

If any of these warning signs are present, it is time to have the car serviced. In the case of notable problems with braking and steering, the car should not be driven. Instead, call Springwood Complete Automotive Services on 07 3209 1333, or call and we can arrange to have the car towed into our service centre. Once the car is on site, one of our qualified mechanics will inspect the entire suspension system to diagnose the problem and provide a quote for the cost of the repairs.