Trailer Brakes Installation, Wiring and Repair

All types of trailers require braking systems separate to the brakes of the car pulling the trailer. This system helps to stabilise the trailer and remove the pressure from the brakes of the car pulling the load. Trailers with bad brakes or without any brakes at all, are harder to control and pose hazards to all drivers on the road.

In order to ensure that the trailer has excellent stopping power, trailer brakes need to be installed directly onto the trailer. The brakes are then wired into a plug that attaches to a similar plug that is located inside the vehicle used to pull the trailer. This electric trailer brake controller system allows the vehicle and trailer to communicate, creating braking power, and even operating the brake lights of the trailer when necessary.

Trailers with inadequate braking systems pose a hazard to the vehicle driver, and to all other vehicles on the road. At the very least, having bad trailer brakes will mean that you need to increase the stopping distance when on the road to avoid slippage. Once the brakes are gone completely, the trailer will be unable to stop when it is supposed to, causing pile-ups and accidents.

Trailers are used to carry heavy loads on all manner of roads. This continuous heavy-duty usage causes a lot of wear and tear on the brakes. At the least, most trailers should have the brakes inspected and repaired every six to twelve months. Any trailer that is used frequently, or is primarily used to carry heavy loads, should have the brakes inspected more often. Bring your trailer in to have the brakes checked as soon as a problem is suspected.

Warning Signs that Trailer Brakes are Not Functioning Correctly

  • You have trouble stopping with your trailer fitted.
  • There is noise from the trailer when stopping.
  • There is smoke around the tyres when braking.
  • The brakes of the vehicle are overheating.

If you need your trailer brakes repaired, or need new brakes installed or wired, simply bring your trailer into the auto centre, or call Springwood Complete Automotive Services on 1300 461 017 to arrange for services.

Once the trailer is in our workshop, our highly experienced mechanics will inspect the brakes and discuss the findings and repair needs with you. In many cases, installation, wiring and repairs for trailer brakes and controller systems may be completed the same day.