Wheel Alignment and Balance

The wheels on your vehicle make it possible to move the car, and they also provide a safe connection with the road. It is important to the safety of everyone on the road that you make sure your tyres and wheels are in good condition and performing correctly.

Tyres need to be placed correctly on the rims, or wheels, in order to work correctly. Unbalanced tyres may lose air too quickly, show uneven wear, or develop bald spots that could cause the tyres to burst at high speeds. Balancing the tyres regularly will allow for imperfections in both the rim and the tyre, prolonging the life of the tyres and making the car safe to drive.

Wheel alignments are needed to ensure that the wheels are pointing in the correct direction, and at the correct angle. Wheels that are out of alignment may make it difficult to steer the vehicle, or cause the car to pull to the right or left, creating potential hazards on the road.

Your car can only provide a safe and comfortable ride if the tyres are balanced correctly on the rims, and the wheels are aligned properly. If you suspect there is a problem with unbalanced tyres or misaligned wheels, we recommend you get the car inspected as soon as possible.

Warning Signs that it is Time to Correct the Wheel Alignment or Balance the Tyres

  • The steering wheel vibrates.
  • Tyres are showing unusual wear patterns.
  • Tyres are wearing out too fast.
  • The vehicle is difficult to turn.

If any of these warning signs are present, it may mean that it is time to correct the wheel alignment or balance the tyres.

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Once the car is on site, one of our experienced mechanics will take the car for a test drive and inspect the wheels and tyres carefully to find any issues. After the inspection we will provide you with a list of the work to be done, as well as a wheel alignment and balancing cost quote. All of the work performed in our service centre is by skilled and qualified mechanics, using only the best parts and equipment. In most cases we can even offer same day service so you can get back on the road as quickly as possible.