Car Servicing

Lowers costs in the long run and keeps you safe!

Did you know by regularly servicing your car, you save money in the long run?  A car that is regularly serviced is less likely to experience breakdowns and will ensure that it is reliable and safe to drive.

Skipping a service to save money is a false economy because small issues that are not fixed are likely to become major repairs and will cost more at a later point in time.

Springwood Complete Automotive Services provides car servicing by our team of qualified and experienced mechanics and auto-electricians.  All services include quality parts and lubricants.  Services provided by Springwood Complete Automotive Services include Log Book Servicing, Fixed Price Car Servicing and Fleet Car Servicing.  Learn more about each service by clicking on the links below.

Log Book Servicing
This comprehensive service includes a safety check, vehicle inspection report, parts, oils and other scheduled items. A log book service ensures that your car is operating to the standard that is stipulated by the manufacturer, lowering overall running costs and maintaining safety.
Fixed Priced Servicing
We offer a standard minor and major fixed price service.   Each service provides a scheduled list of items at a fixed price, however the inspection may uncover the need for additional work.  Any additional parts or work required will be communicated to you in the form of a quotation prior to proceeding.
Fleet Servicing
Springwood Complete Automotive Services provides fleet servicing, ensuring quality maintenance of your organisation’s cars.  We work with both small and large car fleets.  Call us today to discuss your fleet servicing requirements.

Our promise is to keep you informed throughout the day as we carry out your car servicing in Springwood, Underwood, Slacks Creek and surrounding areas of South Brisbane. Trained mechanics will call and talk to you before we commence any additional repair work that was not discussed at the time of drop off. Upon completion of the work on your car servicing we will call you to allow you plenty of time to arrange pickup.

Contact us today to book in your car for a service in Springwood, Mechanics Underwood, Mechanics Slacks Creek & Auto electrician slacks creek and surrounding areas of South Brisbane.