Beware the Regas Pretenders!

Always ensure your air conditioning is maintained by a qualified and licenced technician using approved parts and refrigerant. R134a refrigerant has been specifically designed for use in the automotive industry however being an ozone depleting substance it requires a licence to work with and is also subject to carbon tax. In recent times

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Why does my A/C smell?

When you turn the A/C on during your drive all that you should expect is a nice cool change however a funky smell tends to ruin the refreshing feeling of the cool air coming from your vents.

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Summers HOT and you’re Car A/C’s NOT!

With a hot summer just around the corner the time is right to ensure your vehicles air conditioning system is functioning correctly to keep you nice and cool.

Here at Springwood Complete Automotive we recommend servicing your air conditioning system at least every 2 years.

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