Common Power Window Problems

Power windows are one of the great invitations of the modern car. They are made up of three main components. Regulators are the mechanisms inside the car door that move the window and allowing you to open and close them. Most modern cars have electric power windows which are operated using a group of switches, regulator and an electric motor and it is common that they become worn or damaged over time.

One of the most common issue that leads to damaged components is window stickers, caused by dry window slides, rubbers or window tinting, which increases the thickness of the window, thus resulting on an extra load on the components. The increased load results in stress in different ways but they all result in window failure.

Another common problem is caused by a breakage of the regulator, which in some cases will cause the window to fall in the door. For example, in the case like the Hyundai i30, it no attempt should be made to use the motor to pull the window up as the moving parts in the door will result in tint damage and scratches to the window. If this issue does occur, give us a call and we can get it repaired before major damage is done.

A less common failure is the failure of the switch. Most cars will either have one or two switches for each window and most models also have a master window lock switch for the rear electric windows. These switches can fail for a varity of reasons, ranging from overloading by other parts or foreign matter, like food or drink, in the switches, or water from the good clean you gave your car on the weekend!

Lastly, the least common to failure is of the Electric Window Motor, once the most likely to fail it is now the stronger of all the parks in the system. We do still see motors fail in some models (Yes, Subaru, I mean you) but it is much less common than it was 5 years ago.

Certain makes and models of cars are known for having electric window issues such as the Renault Megane, which has a range of prolific electric window faults, the Hyundai i30 which has regular regulator failures, and the Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore with switch problems. It is a simple process to have the team at Springwood Complete Automotive Services located on the South Side of Brisbane in Springwood diagnose the issues and Quote a repair and in most cases have it back home same day.

We love our jobs and our fully qualified team look forward to helping you with to keep you on the road. Just call 32091333 and we will get you booked in with any car problems you may have. We also have a free loan car to keep you on the move while your car is repaired.


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