Why does the coolant in my car need changing?

Why does the coolant in my car need changing?

Engine coolant, commonly known as anti-freeze, does degrade with age but under normal conditions you probably won’t need to change the coolant in new models, most late-model vehicles until 100,000 km’s and in some cases 150,000 km’s. Older and aging vehicles require more frequent coolant replacement.

Springwood Complete Automotive Services uses Tectaloy, an Australian made range of products with extended-life coolant and a recommended change interval of 60,000 to 100,000 km’s or around three years. Coolant life spans vary based on maintenance schedules or the product used and it dilution. Some applications, such as frequent towing, should have it done more often.

No matter what the maintenance schedule is for your vehicle, after a few years of ownership it is a good idea to have the coolant checked by one of our team for acid build up, rust and other contaminants. If added water, particularly tap water, is used to top up the cooling system, you may have introduced contaminants or diluted the coolant/water blend.

If your engine is running hotter than normal, deteriorated coolant could be a possible cause. We recommend flushing the cooling system and replacing coolant to remove deposits that accumulated over the time.

Manufacturers make coolant in specify certain types of coolant, and some may be red, others pink or green, but don’t go to an auto parts store looking for the right colour. You need to know what coolant was added to the system on the last change or by the manufacture. The professionals at Springwood Complete Automotive Services recommends flushing the cooling system and replacing coolant to eliminate the risk of contamination with reactive products that could damage your car.

The team at Springwood Complete Automotive Services, located on the South Side of Brisbane in Springwood, can test your coolant as part of a service or to diagnose the issues and Quote a repair and in most cases have it back home same day.

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