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Queensland Interlock Program

Upon receiving your Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program Advice Notice from the Department of Transport you should make arrangements to receive your licence on the date stated. After obtaining your licence you are now eligible to have an ignition interlock fitted to your vehicle. Please contact us on 07 3209 1333 prior to your installation date to make an installation appointment.

On the day of the installation you will require the following items:

  • A copy of your driver licence or driver licence receipt if your licence has not been issued.
  • A copy of the Alcohol Interlock Program Vehicle Nomination signed by the registered owner of the vehicle and the interlock participant.

Upon your arrival you will be required to complete the Guardian Interlock Queensland Program Form. An inspection is carried out on your vehicle to ensure a reliable installation. After the inspection you will be supplied with an instruction booklet and a time will be set for training (Please allow 45 minutes to 1 hour). At the time of your training we will review with you all aspects of the operation of the interlock in your vehicle.

On the day of the installation the costs of the installation may vary slightly depending on the type, make and model of your vehicle. A standard install and the first month’s monitoring, proctection plan fees are payable in advance, you can expect to pay approximately three hundred and twenty dollars at the time of installation.

Other costs such as DTS sensors for diesel and late model vehicles, as well as additional labour for installation on special vehicles may apply. This is best discussed with one of the technicians at Springwood Complete Automotive Services.

Ongoing costs are paid in advance at each service/ monitor on a monthly basis and are approximately $150.00.

Fees can also be incurred for unscheduled services such as early recalls and violation resets as well as damage to equipment. There is an optional loss protection plan available. For further informaiton regarding the optional loss protection plan please contact Guardian Interlock on 07 3209 1333.

All prices include GST. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Installation & Removal Charges
Inspection (single user) Free
Installation (Standard – 2 hour install, including training) $150.00
Installation Missed Appointment $ 66.00
Special Vehicles (additional labour) $ 88.00 (p/h)
DTS Sensor (diesels only) (purchase) $120.00
Reinstall $150.00
Removal Fee $100.00

Additional Driver Fees
Inspection Fee $ 66.00
Program Fee (per month) $100.00
Administration Fee (establishing program) $ 60.00

Monthly Service / Lease Fees
Monthly Fee (includes interlock rental, monitoring Recalibration and reporting – 30 days) $150.00
Missed appointment $ 40.00