What Checks Should I Do Before a Going On a Driving Holiday?

Before departing on holiday or any long journey go through this simple checklist to ensure a safe and timely arrival:

1. Check all fluid levels including radiator coolant, wiper washer fluid, brake fluid, engine

car in traffic

sticker affixed to inside of driver’s side door in most cars (see manual).

& transmission oil levels, clutch fluid (if applicable) and battery ( if a maintenance type).

2. Inspect battery terminals (as per owner’s manual) for corrosion and tightness.


3. Check tyre pressure when the tyres are cold: recommended tyre pressures are printed on


4. Check tyre tread. Tread depth should not be less than a match head. Uneven wear may indicate a fault with the steering, suspension or wheel alignment.

5. Don’t forget to check the spare tyre pressure and condition, all too often a common oversight.

6. Check to ensure you have your toolkit including your jack, wheel brace, spare globes and fuses.

7. Ensure your wheel nuts are correctly tightened. Over tightened wheel nuts can prove very frustrating when there is a need to change tyres.

8. Consider a car first aid kit and vehicle fire extinguisher.

9. Check wiper blades for condition of the rubber and ensure the windscreen is clean.

10. Clean headlights and check (high and low beam) tail lights, indicators, brake lights, park lights, stop lights and number plate lights.

11. Check brakes and consult Springwood Complete Automotive Services if the car has a tendency to pull to one side when braking or any other unusual symptoms.

12. Check handbrake by parking the car on a hill, put into neutral and if it does not hold firm, have it checked and adjusted.

13. Check belts. The fan belt and any other drive belts, such as air conditioning or power steering need to be inspected thoroughly for fraying and correct tension so that they do not slip and any belts that are even slightly frayed should be replaced.

Whilst you don’t have to do these checks every day, it pays to do so on a regular basis, because ensuring your car is maintained not only reduces risk of an accident and fatality, it increases resale value of your vehicle.

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