Interlock Program Duration

From the time the person who has acquired a qualified driver’s license with an “I” condition on it (interlock) and has an Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device successfully installed on his/her nominated vehicle, he/she needs to be on the program for a term of up to two years. The length of time that a person can be in the program varies whether he/she strictly follows the rules of the program.

But a person can be exempted and may apply for exemptions with the following conditions:

If the person lives in a remote area (150kms from nearest interlock centre)

If the person lives on a remote island (Karragarra, Lamb, Russell and Macleay islands are not included in this exemption)

If the person has a medical condition (You will require specialist’s reports to support your claim.)

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A person may be charged or fined if the person will not be able to show an approved exemption certificate once asked by the police. If granted an exemption, one must always carry his/her approved exemption certificate so not to be penalized.
An application for exemption can be done up to 6 weeks before the person’s drink driving disqualification period ends. A person can apply via personal appearance or through email.
Please refer to interlock exemption information sheet (S4863) (PDF, 206KB) that can be downloaded on for more information and guidelines about exemptions and what documents are needed to apply. Costs are attached to the Application for an exemption and all claims must be evidence based.

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