Summers HOT and you’re Car A/C’s NOT!

With a hot summer just around the corner the time is right to ensure your vehicles air conditioning system is functioning correctly to keep you nice and cool.

Here at Springwood Complete Automotive we recommend servicing your air conditioning system at least every 2 years.


Servicing a vehicle and Regasing the system according to manufacturer’s specifications using R134a refrigerant.

cles air conditioning system involves inspecting all drive belts and tensioning if required, inspecting all components


to ensure no dirt/dust is impeding air flow, evacuating the systems current gas, replacing the receiver drier or accumulator & orifice tube (depending on the system), vacuum testing the system, a PAG oil inject


Contrary to popular belief your vehicles air conditioning system does not just blow cold air. It is actually designed to remove heat and humidity from inside the cabin and expel it outside the vehicle. To do this all components in the system must function correctly. All moving parts are prone to wear throughout a vehicles lifetime. Belts must be the correct tension to ensure the compressor drives correctly, dirt and dust can affect airflow in across the condenser and evaporator but what most people forget is what goes on inside the system. A receiver/drier has 3 main functions in an air conditioning system, A storage container of excess refrigerant and oil that may not be needed during function, A filter to catch any debris or foreign objects that may have emerged in the system and by using a desiccant material stored inside them which absorbs any moisture which may have developed in the system. Moisture can cause problems in future use of your air conditioning if not removed regularly. By changing this filter and vacuuming the system we can ensure that all moisture is removed from your system during a service which will not only prolong the life of your air conditioning system but can assist in getting the maximum efficiency that the system has been designed for. An oil injection will ensure all moving parts and hoses in system will stay well lubricated and should prevent excessive wear.

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