Why does my A/C smell?

When you turn the A/C on during your drive all that you should expect is a nice cool change however a funky smell tends to ruin the refreshing feeling of the cool air coming from your vents.

The most common smell that occurs in automotive air conditioning is due to a build-up of moisture that can sometimes become trapped in the evaporator box. This can be rectified by changing the pollen filter, deodorizing and sanitizing the air conditioning system inside the vehicle. This process should be carried out with every A/C service but can also be done intermittently at any time you notice any smells.

In some very rare cases we have seen some small rodents become trapped in and air conditioning system which results in an extremely unpleasant smell. This requires thorough cleaning and sanitizing but is not impossible. In all cases we recommend that a qualified technician attends to your any of vehicles air conditioning needs.

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