We are pretty sure most of you rely heavily on the use of our car -so doing without it for a whole day doesn’t thrill you with joy- especially for mums with young children in tow.

At Springwood Complete Automotive Services we make it as easy as possible for you to get on with your day without being inconvenienced by offering you three transport solutions:

1. We are happy to provide you with the use of our own loan vehicle for the day. We will fit your baby seat into our car, double check that it is spotless and of course ensure you have plenty of fuel to get around.

2. On the other hand, if you would like to be ‘car-free’ for the day and beat all the traffic headaches, the bus stop is only 100 meters from our doorstep – why not enjoy the walk and have a stress-free commute on the bus as you go about your day?

3. Or… make use of our Express Drop-off After Hours Service? Simply drop your car, keys and details in designated place at a time convenient to you- and get a lift home or to work with a friend or colleague. This is our unique after hours service we are proud to be able to offer you.

So it need not be a big hassle to get your car fixed.

In fact can you imagine how much MORE of a hassle it would be to breakdown have an accident or neglect the problem to the point where it becomes ‘beyond repair!’.

Bring it in and we will give you peace of mind in return.

It’s that easy.